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Application Letters are the most commonly written business letters, yet most professionals make mistakes in drafting one. This page provides a wide collection of application letters for various occasions. The most commonly written application letters are listed below. These letters can be simply copy pasted and relevant details added in the blanks provided. An application letter follows the block format for business letters. All the below given sample letters also use the same block format.

Business Letter Format - Application for Sabbatical Leave
Share Certificate Application Format
Application Letter Format for Water/ Electricity/ Gas Connection
University Application Format
Application Letter for a New Position at Your Organisation
How to Write an Application Letter
Job Application Letter Sample
Example of Application Letter
Job Application Template
Online Job Applications

We are continuously striving to add more relevant application letters to the above list. If you think we have missed some or want to request a sample application letter template, please use the comment section below to let us know. Also check out the Resume Formats to draft a winning resume.

An Application letter is similar to but different than a Cover Letter. Check out the different types of business letters and learn how to write effective professional business letters.

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