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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Sample Announcement Letter Template announcing a purchase of a property, birth and/or adoption of a child or a new personal landmark.

There are many event in life which you would like to announce to your family and friends via a formal announcement letter. A typical announcement letter may be written to announce the purchase of your first house, birth or adoption of your first child or your daughter’s graduation from an Ivy league university. One such event is the adoption of a child and it surely brings extreme happiness to the parents and the related families. Announcement letters are sometimes sent by the, would be parents to their relatives that announces this very good news.
Following letter explains the things included in an announcement letter template and the happiness associated with the adoption of a baby.
Mary Lee
1022 PO BOX
Date: 18th Nov, 2017

Subject: Announcement letter agreement letter template from would-be parents to grandma.
Dear Mary,
We are extremely delighted that we are able to share the news of adoption of our first child with you. You are our closest and you are going to be a Grandmother and we cannot hold our excitement. It is a baby boy that I and Peter are being blessed with. We would want you to be present on the 26th of November when we bring our baby home.
Let us come and celebrate the homecoming of our beautiful boy.
Announcement letters are often sent to close family relatives by the new parents for sharing the incredible joy that comes along with the child adoption. Feel free to look at all the categories and find all other email templates from the online website.

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