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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Sample Acceptance Letter Template for accepting a proposal, business plan, quotation, terms and conditions or fulfillment of a contract

Business proposals are often submitted via email of in print format accompanied by a detailed plan, quotations, and statement of work. When you receive such a proposal you have to scrutinize it on timelines, guarantee of quality and of course commercials. Once a business proposal meets the established criteria you write a Business Proposal Acceptance email or letter to notify your potential business partner about their proposal qualifying the criteria and thus being accepted through a Business Proposal Acceptance letter  
Following is an Acceptance Letter Template for accepting a business proposal, plan, terms of agreement, and specifying the next course of action.
David Williams
123, Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94122
Date: 15th Nov, 2017

Subject: Acceptance of business proposal for new project
Dear Mr. Williams,
My name is James Mclary. I am an executive of Associated General Contractors. We are glad to let you know that the proposal by William’s Plumbing has been accepted for the upcoming building construction project. The scope in this project is well explained by you that convinced us to move forward with it. With less than one month left for the project to begin, we must confer all details properly.
We need to have a look at all project specifications and we would need you to complete some paperwork. You can send us an email at and confirm the date. We are hoping to create a long business relationship with your company.
We are grateful to you for presenting us with this proposal and for keeping in mind all the parameters.
Yours Sincerely,
James Mclary

Acceptance letters may be written to several bidders at a time and you may have to follow it put by writing an appointment letter to schedule an appointment for further discussions. Also check a other letters and business email templates on this site from the categories on the right.s
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA


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