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Saturday, 16 January 2016


It is no secret that a sure shot way to get an interview for that much coveted dream job is a strong resume. If one cannot nail the resume, whose sole purpose is to get you an interview, the said dream job is almost impossible to get!  And thus I am sure many of you have wondered, as have I, about what it is that one definitely needs to have on their resumes to ensure a solid chance at an interview. As we all know, when it comes to anything related to careers or jobs, there is never enough advice and people are ever ready to get tips and tricks to help get that dream job. While the internet is full of a billion advice for you to nail the resume, here I am with just five simple pointers for an efficient resume.

1.    Keep it Easy on the eyes
In a job market where there are so many applicants for one job vacancy, it is extremely critical that your resume is read and a resume that is difficult to read almost always remains unread. Thus it is extremely important that a resume is easy on the eyes. Here are a few tips to make sure your resume is easy to read.
  • Your resume should have an easy-to-read font and a font size between 10 and 12 pt
  • While there is no page limit for resumes these days, it is best if you avoid too many long paragraphs and make bullet points – too much text tends to leave the reader dazed
  • There should be ample space between sections to demarcate them
  • Use underlining and bold formatting of words and phrases to let the reader know what you want them to read
It is generally advised to use a block format for writing most applications.

5 things to do make your resume awesome
 2.    Make sure it is relevant 
An efficient resume is one that can clearly communicate the position towards which it is targeted. Lack of focus in a resume results in the hiring manager not seeing the connection between your skills and qualifications and the requirement of the job. Thus a resume that has focus with clear indication of the experiences and accomplishments relevant to the position is a powerful one. 
It is advisable to remove anything that is not in line with one’s career goals or job requirement. Its best to support your resume with a targeted cover letter. Click here to find relevant cover letters for your application.

3.    Use the right keywords
Be it manually by hiring managers or through online applicant tracking software, resumes are often scanned quickly to select good, relevant resumes from a pile of many! So it’s always advisable to have a resume that is keyword rich. Keywords are small words which communicate important information about your resume. They help in ensuring your resume reflects both – skills required for the position and the skill you possess. Keywords are the best the way to ensure you survive the scanning process.

4.    Select the Best Resume Format
A resume has a lot of information and so it is important that all this information is laid out in a way where experiences and skills relevant to the position are noticed first. Typically a hiring manager scans the resume for 8 to 10 seconds and so it is advisable to prioritize and highlight relevant skills and experience so that they can see that your accomplishments support the job requirements. It is also a good idea to start bullet points describing your accomplishments by describing the result achieved followed by how.

5.    Seek other’s Opinions
Make an awesome resume by seeking expert advice
Last but not the least, always get a second or third (preferably professional) opinion about the resume. Other opinions are often unbiased and can point out issues in the resume that would otherwise go unnoticed by you. Professional opinions are the best since they know exactly what hiring managers look for in a resume and give direction and tips to make sure your resume gives you the maximum possible benefits and bags you that interview!
I hope that helped. Stay tuned to this spot for more tips and tricks for an awesome resume! 

Apart from this what you write in your email or application letter to the HR enclosing your resume also makes a huge impact. We have loaded this website with lots of relevant content to help you job applications. And if you want to share something go ahead use the comment section below to help fellow job seekers.


  1. Perfect article for anyone looking for a job. I love how you have described in detail the must haves of resumes. And i really like that you advised to seek other's opinions, it is indeed very important.

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