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Friday, 16 April 2021

Business Letter Format - Types of Business Letters

The Business Letter is a writing message for a specific purpose: to sell, buy, thank claim, charge, etc. One comes across various types of business letters written for specific purposes. It is very important to know how to write such business letters as the business letter formats for each of them vary and most professional business letters can be categorized broadly into three main types based on their usage. These categories of business letters are as follows.

The Client to Business Letter Format

This form of business letter is written by clients, employees, job seekers or simply a junior authority within or outside the organisation and is addressed to a superior requesting action on any matter of personal or company interest. The tone of a client to business type letter is formal and assertive at the same time. Many a time’s job seekers have only this one opportunity to present themselves and impress their potential employer or on the other hand announce their intention to move on. Examples of this type of Business Letter include Application Letters, Statement of Purpose, Resumes, Cover Letters, Curriculum Vitae, Letter of Reference, etc. These types of business letters also include resignation letter and last day thank you mails. The format of Business Letters of this type can be found here.

The Business to Business Letter Format

Types of Business Letter Formats
Business to business type of letters are written for company to company communication and are more formally drafted than others and sometimes may be drafted ay an attorney on behalf of the company. These letters are written to make a sale, invite bidders, ask for critical information, to express interest in some of the companies work, request quotation, or simply terminate an agreement. Such letters are often written by Managers of senior executives of companies and require considerable deliberation and preparation for writing a business letter. The formats for such business letters can be found here.

The Business to Client Letter Format

An Example of Business to Client letter would be anything from an appointment letter confirming the appointment of the client or the new recruit, a recommendation letter from your university, Letter of Appreciation from the benevolent boss, a thank you letter written to a business team member or an associate, acknowledgment letter or letter of recognition for one’s contribution to the team. Such business letters are somewhat less formal and intended to please the client. However a really harsh termination letter or a critically drafted scrutiny letter or memo can also come under this type. Get more Business letter templates of this type here.

This site has made a sincere effort at providing you with all the information needed for you to write your business letters with style. Read more about the most commonly used Block format of writing business letters and check out the ready-made Business LetterTemplates on this site.

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