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Formal Business Communication is the backbone of a successful career in the corporate world. Business communication is mostly in the written format which also helps the purpose of documentation and proofs. An average person writes approximately four to five business letters in a single day, yet most people find it very difficult to draft their business letters. The written form of communication being a permanent irreversible format, makes it all the more necessary for you to get your business letters right the first time. 

Don’t worry! Business Letter Format is designed to help you write those perfect professional business letters, application letters, CVs & resumes and cover letters, letter of recommendation and many more.

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Business Letters not only serve the purpose of formal business communication but also give the reader an insight into the personality and the professional acumen of the writer. To write a good business letter one needs to have an excellent command over the English language, understanding of the business context in which the letter is to be written and also the tact for getting the correct message across to the recipient in its intended form.   

If you want to learn the art of writing impressive professional business letters this site has a dedicated section just to help you acquire the right skills to perfect written business communication. Browse through the various business letter formats and business letter templates to understand the 7 Cs of Effective Business Communication. There is always a different format for a business to business type of letter and a business to client type of letter and methods of planning, drafting and proofreading the letters.

However, if you are in a rush and simply need to write that all important business letter or prepare your CV or Resume, write a cover letter to support your job application or may be simply drop in your resignation letter, we have custom made business letter format, resume format, cover letter format, CV format and resignation letters for you.

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Browse through this site for a variety of free Business Letter Format, Business Letter Template, Cover Letter Format, Resume Formats and free Resume Templates. We have tried to prepare ready-made samples for various occasions. We are in the constant endeavor to help our readers develop the necessary skills to write professional business letters and provide you with the required templates and samples to assist you in your pursuit.

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Friday, 16 April 2021

Business Letter Format - Types of Business Letters

The Business Letter is a writing message for a specific purpose: to sell, buy, thank claim, charge, etc. One comes across various types of business letters written for specific purposes. It is very important to know how to write such business letters as the business letter formats for each of them vary and most professional business letters can be categorized broadly into three main types based on their usage. These categories of business letters are as follows.

The Client to Business Letter Format

This form of business letter is written by clients, employees, job seekers or simply a junior authority within or outside the organisation and is addressed to a superior requesting action on any matter of personal or company interest. The tone of a client to business type letter is formal and assertive at the same time. Many a time’s job seekers have only this one opportunity to present themselves and impress their potential employer or on the other hand announce their intention to move on. Examples of this type of Business Letter include Application Letters, Statement of Purpose, Resumes, Cover Letters, Curriculum Vitae, Letter of Reference, etc. These types of business letters also include resignation letter and last day thank you mails. The format of Business Letters of this type can be found here.

The Business to Business Letter Format

Types of Business Letter Formats
Business to business type of letters are written for company to company communication and are more formally drafted than others and sometimes may be drafted ay an attorney on behalf of the company. These letters are written to make a sale, invite bidders, ask for critical information, to express interest in some of the companies work, request quotation, or simply terminate an agreement. Such letters are often written by Managers of senior executives of companies and require considerable deliberation and preparation for writing a business letter. The formats for such business letters can be found here.

The Business to Client Letter Format

An Example of Business to Client letter would be anything from an appointment letter confirming the appointment of the client or the new recruit, a recommendation letter from your university, Letter of Appreciation from the benevolent boss, a thank you letter written to a business team member or an associate, acknowledgment letter or letter of recognition for one’s contribution to the team. Such business letters are somewhat less formal and intended to please the client. However a really harsh termination letter or a critically drafted scrutiny letter or memo can also come under this type. Get more Business letter templates of this type here.

This site has made a sincere effort at providing you with all the information needed for you to write your business letters with style. Read more about the most commonly used Block format of writing business letters and check out the ready-made Business LetterTemplates on this site.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Sample Rental Agreement Letter Template agreed between tenant and landlord.

A rental agreement is one of the most common types of Agreements that one usually encounters and executes in their lifetime. But before you register the rental agreement, it helps to layout the terms of the agreement on a email or letter to ensure both parties are in agreement to the terms of the contract and the same can be executed formally.
A rental agreement letter is is a very important agreement signed between a tenant and a landlord to finalize the terms agreed by both these parties such as but not limited to the rent amount, deposit amount, repairs, rental agreement length, allowing or disallowing pets etc.
This letter details the terms of a rental agreement that were finalized over phone between a proprietor and an occupant.
Jason White
Date: 18th Nov, 2017

Subject: Rental agreement letter template between landlord and tenant
Dear Mr. Jason,
This is Ronald Hall. I hope you remember the conversation we had two days back regarding the rental terms. This letter is for the purpose of finalizing my stay at your residence for next one year as a tenant. As per our telephonic conversation, the monthly rent was fixed at $100 to be paid in arrears. I have a dog to which you have given permission for stay as well.
If you require any changes in the agreement, kindly feel free to ask at also truly hope that both of us stay true to the terms approved in our telephonic conversation till the end of the contract. I will prepare the formal rental agreement to be registered along the above terms.
I am extremely grateful to you for allowing me to rent your house. Hoping to hear soon from you as the moving date is 25th November, 2017.
Ronald Hall
Rental agreement letters are very important as these acts as a proof regarding the approval of terms takes place between tenants and landlords. The website contains wide range of email templates that readers can find on the right side.

Sample Announcement Letter Template announcing a purchase of a property, birth and/or adoption of a child or a new personal landmark.

There are many event in life which you would like to announce to your family and friends via a formal announcement letter. A typical announcement letter may be written to announce the purchase of your first house, birth or adoption of your first child or your daughter’s graduation from an Ivy league university. One such event is the adoption of a child and it surely brings extreme happiness to the parents and the related families. Announcement letters are sometimes sent by the, would be parents to their relatives that announces this very good news.
Following letter explains the things included in an announcement letter template and the happiness associated with the adoption of a baby.
Mary Lee
1022 PO BOX
Date: 18th Nov, 2017

Subject: Announcement letter agreement letter template from would-be parents to grandma.
Dear Mary,
We are extremely delighted that we are able to share the news of adoption of our first child with you. You are our closest and you are going to be a Grandmother and we cannot hold our excitement. It is a baby boy that I and Peter are being blessed with. We would want you to be present on the 26th of November when we bring our baby home.
Let us come and celebrate the homecoming of our beautiful boy.
Announcement letters are often sent to close family relatives by the new parents for sharing the incredible joy that comes along with the child adoption. Feel free to look at all the categories and find all other email templates from the online website.

Sample Letter Acknowledging Recipient of Resume, Cover Letter or a direct Application in response to a Job Vacancy

Applying for a job by a candidate is followed by a confirmation from the employers’ end. If the interview is carried out over phone, the employer then sends an acknowledgement letter to the candidate who then accepts the letter and terms. an Acknowledgement or confirmation in writing is highly important for taking things forward.
This is an acknowledgement letter template written by an employer to a candidate, that contains details about the next action course.
Robert Flores
4 Pilgrim Avenue, HI 96815
Date: 17th Nov, 2017

Subject: Acknowledgement of application in response to our job vacancy advertisement
Dear Mr. Robert,
This is Steve Millers, owner of Webinfosys. On going through the application sent by you in response to the job position for a web developer, I have shortlisted your name for this position.
Your CTC will be 160$ monthly. I would require you to work from our office everyday 7 hours a week from Monday to Friday.
I hope you are well aware of the firm policies and the challenging nature of the job portfolio. We take client confidentiality and privacy very seriously and should you accept our offer you would be required to comply with our security and Non Disclosure policies strictly. I have shared the offfer letter and the employment contract in a separate email.
If you agree to the points written in this letter, I would request you to sign a duplicate copy and send it back to me along with your response and acceptance.
I hope our professional association will be a long lasting one.
Thanking you
Yours Truly
Steve Millers
Acknowledgement letters are offered to many applicants that is followed by an acceptance letter so that the term of job can be fixed. There are various categories on the right on this website where readers can find other letters as well.

Sample Acceptance Letter Template for accepting a proposal, business plan, quotation, terms and conditions or fulfillment of a contract

Business proposals are often submitted via email of in print format accompanied by a detailed plan, quotations, and statement of work. When you receive such a proposal you have to scrutinize it on timelines, guarantee of quality and of course commercials. Once a business proposal meets the established criteria you write a Business Proposal Acceptance email or letter to notify your potential business partner about their proposal qualifying the criteria and thus being accepted through a Business Proposal Acceptance letter  
Following is an Acceptance Letter Template for accepting a business proposal, plan, terms of agreement, and specifying the next course of action.
David Williams
123, Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94122
Date: 15th Nov, 2017

Subject: Acceptance of business proposal for new project
Dear Mr. Williams,
My name is James Mclary. I am an executive of Associated General Contractors. We are glad to let you know that the proposal by William’s Plumbing has been accepted for the upcoming building construction project. The scope in this project is well explained by you that convinced us to move forward with it. With less than one month left for the project to begin, we must confer all details properly.
We need to have a look at all project specifications and we would need you to complete some paperwork. You can send us an email at and confirm the date. We are hoping to create a long business relationship with your company.
We are grateful to you for presenting us with this proposal and for keeping in mind all the parameters.
Yours Sincerely,
James Mclary

Acceptance letters may be written to several bidders at a time and you may have to follow it put by writing an appointment letter to schedule an appointment for further discussions. Also check a other letters and business email templates on this site from the categories on the right.s

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Sample Job Transfer Request Letter due to Personal Reasons

Concentrating on your job while living away from your family is difficult and sometimes your family needs you while it may be facing problems. This is situation many young professionals find themselves in. Your work takes you places but also keeps you away from family. Often multinational organisations have an internal transfer policy to allow you to move to an office in the city of your choice.

The reason for requesting a transfer can be any of the following.

1.    Your family is facing some problems such as prolonged illness in the family
2.    You are getting married and want to settle in the city of your choice
3.    Your spouse has got a new job in a different city and you wish to shift your location
4.    You are simply not happy with the city you are living in or have become homesick

Its time you wrote your transfer request letter. Before writing the letter make sure you find out about your organisation’s transfer policies and would your transfer entail a change in job profile or change in teams.

Following is a sample template for Location Transfer request letter for personal reasons.

Vallabh Desai
Cyber City
Hyderabad, India

Ranjan Krishnamurthy
Infosys Technologies
Hyderabad, India
Date: 07 July, 2016  

Subject: Request for Location Transfer

Dear Ranjan

Hope you find this letter in good health.

I am writing to you to request a transfer to our Mumbai office after the completion of the ongoing phase of our project by the end of September. As you know I am planning to get married by the end of this year and my spouse and family are well settled in Mumbai. I wish to initiate my personal transfer as per the company policy which allows relocation upon marriage.

Since our team does not work out of the Mumbai office I understand that I will have to join the new project team in Mumbai. Please let me know to whom I should initiate the knowledge transfer sessions to take over my responsibilities.

It was a wonderful experience working with this team and I have cherished memories here. But it’s time to devote quality time to my family.

Kindly accept my transfer request and initiate my transfer formalities.

Thank you and wish you the very best. Please let me know if any official information is required from my end to initiate the transfer.  

Warm Regards!

Vallabh Desai

Also write a thank you letter to your manager on he/she approves the request. Have a look at some of the other business letters including application letters on this site.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Sample Job Acceptance Letter Format for Accepting Your New Employment

Congratulations on landing that great new job. Now that your new employer has formally made an offer of employment to you, it’s time you write a Job Acceptance Letter. An Acceptance letter is written to formally communicate your intent of accepting the offer or proposal to work you the new organisation. Usually employers require you to respond within a specified time period and also expect you to accept the terms of employment such as the compensation and job title formally.

While you send your acceptance, it’s also important to let your employer know your tentative date of joining and whether you would require any relocation assistance to help you ease into your new role. And of course don’t forget to thank your hiring managers and the recruitment team for helping you through the process.

Below is a sample job acceptance letter for your reference.

Krishna Rajan
Electronics City
Bengaluru, KN, IND

Dipti Kothari
First Info Technologies
Bengaluru, KN, IND
Date: 02 July, 2016                                                            

Subject: Acceptance Letter for the Position of Senior Manager

Dear Dipti,

Thank you for offering me the position of Senior Manager with First Info Technologies. I am writing this letter to formally accept the offer with respect to the offer letter dated <Offer Letter Date>. Kindly note that my current organisation requires me to serve a notice period of three months i.e. 90 days from the date of my resignation. Accordingly I shall be available to join First Info Technologies on any date after 02 Oct 2016.

Kindly also share details of the relocation policy and allowance applicable for me. Please also share any other relevant joining related information relevant for me.

Once again thank you for support during the recruitment process. Looking forward to join the team!

Warm Regards!

Krishna Rajan

Also write a thank you letter to your contact which helped you land this job. Have a look at some of the other business letters including application letters on this site. 

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